Most Americans are on a religious fantasy trip, that has lead them away from the their true interests and concerns. The explanation of the physical universe, human biology, economics, history and politics has long since been abandoned by religion and surrendered up to the secular gods of reason and bureaucratic organization. The religious myth makers, however, have stubbornly held on to one small piece of territory, which is the inner working of the human spirit, and they contend that the Gods still have something to do with this small, unique, station of the universe, which science has yet to completely conquer and add to its dominions. That all the other systems of reality have been long since explained, programed, studied, and predicted by science seems to have little effect on the brain waves of these religious fanatics, who see Gods, spirits, devils, witches, evil forces and mirages in the brain waves of their votaries.
The forces of God, the last time I looked, are not in the equations of physics, and we look in vain for any divine intervention in the workings of the biological organisms, of which man just happens to be one. Indeed, if there were gods dancing around in the planets, or in the material forces that the equations of physics are applied to everyday with astounding success in prediction and control, there would be little confidence that these laws of physics would ever hold true in any given case. No matter, the religious fanatic cries, I know that there is a God in there, because Jesus told me so in my dreams last night.
My only answer to these poor deluded folks is that “ It ain’t necessarily so.” This is just contrary to good common sense. We do not go around doing this type of thing on a daily basis. We do not go to the bank and say, I know that God deposited a million dollars in my account last night, and if you do not give it to me I will be very indignant. Now, we would all much appreciate it if God would put the million in our account, and we could pray for this and hope for it and believe that a good God would surely want to show his love for us in this way.  However, to act on this belief, would be regarded as silly, foolish, and stupid. Yet, when the religious fanatic tells us about his hopes, and dreams, for the after life, or ever for the curing of the sick in this life many people are willing to be persuaded by his fantastical imagination.
It never seems to occur to the deluded multitude, that the priest or minister who is telling all these fantastic tales, is being well paid by the people he misleads to perpetuate these fables. If they were just innocent accounts for a child’s passing fancy, perhaps they would do no harm, but when mature adults believe and act and stake their lives on the truth of these chimeras, then perhaps the time has come to say enough is enough. 

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 The American religious experience has become quite the personal thing, as it is more and more just a one on one experience between the person and his God. Indeed, it could not be much else in the present intellectual environment, because as soon as God ventures out side of the person’s so called soul his actions will be challenged by the state, science, or common sense itself. This last island of fantasy land may not be completely conquered by reason and science until all the brain waves are explained in terms of matter and motion, and until a computer is capable of duplicating and predicting all the activities of the animal who descended from the ape, who we still call man. However, to precede on the assumption that there are Gods, spirits, etc, contained within the over sized brain of this one species of mammal, and only this species of mammal, is to set up an assumption that flies in the face of all scientific inquiry and discovery to date. Why, would this one little monkey species be any different from all the others in the universe? Would his biological system and his nervous system not be subject to the same laws to which all the other animal species are subject? Now, we know that this particular species of monkey, that is man, tends to think quite a bit of himself. In fact, he is very arrogant, sometimes to the point of distraction. We do not, however, apply this type of analysis to the other animals. If one of them is acting abnormally, we do not immediately conclude that an evil spirit, or a God possesses him. We can usually explain his madness, in physical, biological or behavioral terms.
This being possessed by a spirit or a demon, is actually a first century analysis of disease and madness which is now rather old hat and out of date. Scientists never use it today, as they have had much better luck explaining madness and disease by looking for physical causes and giving medicines or behavior training as a remedy in such cases.
This seems to matter little to the religious fanatics. They must have their demons in any case. If fact, without these demons dancing around in people’s skulls, they would have to close up their witches stand and move out of town. The church and all its promoters would be out of business without sin and evil. The fight against sin is its main battle cry, and without sin there would be no war, no Armageddon, no eternal struggle, in which the church could engage its legions. This is where the demon comes in, for without a demon in each person’s soul, over which he has little control without the divine services of the church, there would be no way for the church to scare all its people into its halls every Sunday.
If word, would leak out that this is a bunch of first century poppy cock, the poor ignorant multitude might decide that they had better things to do on Sunday morning, than to go to church and have their demon exorcised.
There is little chance that this news will penetrate the mighty fortress of the church, because the people that attend and build these fortresses are plagued with fear, ignorance and superstition. They are deadly afraid to challenge any of the nonsense that emanates from the holy men at the fortress. They are afraid to discuss God or their ideas of him or his attributes, for if they had this discussion, even in the privacy of their own brain they would soon see that they really have no idea of this God that is not contradictory. They also tend to be ignorant people when it comes to religious matters. Religious matters are not to be questioned, and therefore, how could they be anything other than ignorant about them.
We really have no idea of God as no one has ever seen, heard, smelt, felt, or tasted him.
Something that has no basis in sense perception has only reason for a foundation. Reason, however, will not support the idea of the God that most people have. The priest can tell us what God is not, but as soon as they start to tell us what he is, then they begin to utter contradictions. That is, they ascribe to God two or more attributes or properties, which cannot be, ascribed to the same entity as the are mutually exclusive and contradictory.
Thus, since reason will not support the idea of God, the imagination must take over, and God is a figment of our imagination. He is like a unicorn, or a pink elephant, something we can imagine, but something so far as we know cannot exist, or has never existed.
Now, life is rather short, to place all our hopes, fortunes, and activities in the hands of a chimera. To fall down before a figment of one’s imagination is not at all an edifying experience. This is like trying to drink from the mirage in the desert, which really is not there, but only appears to be there because we want a drink of water so badly. Now I can understand the impulse to drink the water when one is dying of thirst, but mirage water will not cure a thirst, just as prayers will not cure the one who is dying from cancer.
The human animal craves meaning like a dying man craves water. The former must have meaning in his life. He will search out a religious system that will tell him what he wants to hear. Once he has found this religious system, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism,
Communism, or Hinduism, he will feel much better about himself and his mission here on this tiny little planet in the vast universe. Any one of these belief systems will satisfy this little monkey’s craving for divine meaning. But just because this little monkey now feels better about himself and his relation to the cosmos, this does not mean that any of these belief systems are true. All it means is that the one he has chosen makes him feel better, to the point where he ceases to ask unanswerable questions about the cosmos and his relation to it, and he then goes about his daily activities under the delusion that he has actually understood the divine will and its plan for the universe. Well, here again one could say, “ It ain’t necessarily so.” One of they might be true, but they cannot all be true as they compete with one another. Unless, of course competition, as Darwin told us, is the key to understanding the life and death struggle that we are all engaged in here on planet earth.

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