In this little world, there has always been one thing fooling people all around since ages. I'm pretty sure that this will continue to grow irrevocably till the world perishes. Hell you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the sin we all have been doing, fooling ourselves about the existence of the Super Power and not realizing that we are one.
These believes have caused not one but many battles all over the world. What is alarming is that they aren't stopping anywhere. People fought about caste, creed, believes and prejudices forgetting the fact that we all are nothing but human beings. Women have been discriminated because of the belief that Gods don't like them.

After all, what is God? Anyone of you or us have seen him or her or some creature till now? This mere idea of fooling had erupted because we are fucking greedy!!
To prove a point to the world that God existed, this phenomenon of emi Gods took place. A DemiGod is one who's not a god whatsoever. People increasingly believe that A DemiGod's a follower of Him. The old hackneyed believes have gone buried with the way the whole thing had become commercial. People dare not bother about the atrocities committed by them fearing their lives for "the next few reincarnations". DemiGods have made empires till now with many of them having criminal backgrounds and vested interests.

Here are a few douche bags for you:

  • Puttaparthi Sai Baba
  • Swami Nityananda & many more!!
We shall be updating this data base and many truths about these douche bags. Please try recommending few names to us.